Friday, April 1, 2011

Revision progress

I have an insanely ridiculous amount of work work to do this weekend. I have to draw up a proposal for my division meeting next week, which will then go to one of the administrative bodies on campus if approved (eek), I have to organize student papers for workshops for one class and grade two sets of papers for three other classes.

So what am I actually doing this weekend? Revising On a Twisted Tree. Natch.

I've only managed to pick through about 30 pages in the last week, but today I hashed out a revised outline for the whole novel, noting where I need to add scenes from whole cloth or revise the ones I have to fit the breakthroughs I made in the last couple weeks of writing. One of these days I will develop a more efficient writing process that does not involve pantsing the first two thirds and then figuring everything out in the last third, in the most agonizing, frustrating way possible, complete with OH MY GOD THIS SUCKS I HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING I AM AN INCOMPETENT LOSER I SHOULD BE DRAGGED OUT AND SHOT BEFORE I BUTCHER ANOTHER WORD moments.

In the last couple of months, especially, while Tiger ( and I have been half-seriously futzing around with our future crossover, I've solidified a lot of ideas about Tree and the world and characters I'm working with. I'm eternally grateful and tickled that Tiger found my initial suggestion of, "Hey, let's throw our characters together!" intriguing enough to do this, because the book definitely would not be the same without him. And by that I mean it is totally more awesome because of him.

In other cool news, be on the lookout for a character interview with Amara ( and the Delaney boys sometime within the next few weeks (time permitting for all parties involved), as well as an author interview with Tiger and a character interview with his protagonist too. If you'll allow me the shameless plug, Amara runs a really great m/m book blog, which you should check out immediately. She did an author interview with me in March, and she's just awesome.

I am writing two different blog posts at the same time. Please save me from myself.


  1. Susan's post recently made me think of what the Delaneys would tweet! Ha!

    That is exactly how I feel about my writing process. I wish it weren't so painful for you but thank you for at least giving me someone to commiserate with. You've helped me so much with SM, too, and I keep seeing new facets of Ash (and the other characters, natch) because of being able to play him/them against your creations.

  2. They might say something really profound, only it would be so poorly spelled and punctuated nobody could read it. :) Writing their text messages was physically painful.

    At least we can suffer together. :) And by that I mean at least we can have crazy crackpot fun together and that makes the suffering easier.

  3. That was exactly what I imagined!

    I cringe when I see authors actually create twitter accounts for their characters, (Susan is exempt, it was just the once!) but it sure makes me giggle to think about it.