Sunday, February 6, 2011


Feeling a little frustrated with myself today. I'm already uncomfortable with the way this scene is going and I'm not sure what to do about it. I think it's mostly that I don't really know if I need it, but I should have it. Which probably means I need to go back and re-evaluate why, because my reason is "this character hasn't made an appearance in too long." I try to make every scene have more than one function. This scene kind of came out of nowhere as I was writing another one, and another reason for my frustration is that I'm getting impatient to get toward the end.

Even as I'm typing this, though, I think I might have worked out another function. Still not sure if I need the scene, though. Argh. Oh well. I'll stand by my policy of letting someone else (beta reader or editor) decide that. Sometimes I just don't have the distance I need from my own writing to make a judgment call either way.

I'm having an irritable day all around. Irritable mostly with myself.

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  1. I had a character in SM (I want to keep the title just for the abbreviation) who I kept trying to fit in and then I realized, halfway through a scene, that I didn't need her at all. Not that I am suggesting you cut whole characters, but I find when I feel like you do it is my writerly instincts trying to tell me I am building on a sinking foundation.

    Want me to take a look for you?