Sunday, July 11, 2010

This summer has been killer. I’ve written 40,000 words of On a Twisted Tree so far, but my progress has been either crazy or nothing at all. I try to schedule time every day to write, but some days it just isn’t possible–too much work to do. My online classes started on the 6th, so if it’s possible, I’m even busier now than I was when I was in school. I’m packing, etc. etc. etc. excuses. I also haven’t co-written in a couple of months, which is just killing me, but I’m/we’re both busy as hell.

I move August 2, and after my helper/houseguest leaves, I’ll have a couple of weeks to hang out and hopefully catch up on some stuff as I unpack. Now, having said that, I’ve completely jinxed myself.

In other news, I brought home my new kitten on Friday. His name is Gomez, and he is the most adorable destroyer of souls ever. He’ll kill you in cold blood and you will like it. I also went on an interesting canoe trip with 60 Colombians from the ELI. Said canoe trip could not be complete without drunk rednecks in canoes, some fishing and some half-naked or naked. It couldn’t have been a more quintessential float trip for the Colombians if we’d planned it that way. I came away with a smashed thumb and a weird combination of dark tan and sunburn. I don’t sunburn easily (this is like my third sunburn ever), but the cheap sunblock we bought clearly wasn’t that waterproof. Damn

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