Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trying something new

For the new UF WIP, which will be a serial novel, I’m writing something that’s significantly more mythology-and-magic based than I’ve ever done before. Most of my UF happens to be about magical people–magic will play a bigger and more fantastic role in this story. Necessarily, I think. It needs to be very plotty and have clear episodes without losing the overarching story, so I’m thinking bigger in scope. I’ve also kind always wanted to challenge myself a “save the world” plot (I don’t do those often either), so, why not now?

And, because you know a couple of challenges is never enough, I’m adding on another one. I recently bought Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. I’ve mentioned previously my distaste for anything resembling NaNo, but I can see its appeal–it forces you to sit your ass down and Get Stuff Done. What I really like about this particular book as a guide is that a) the pretty charts and clear guides and b) that the author stresses that “Book in a Month” isn’t necessarily realistic for everyone; it’s sitting your ass down and doing that matters. The peer pressure aspect of NaNo doesn’t lend comfort to those who don’t meet its goals.

Anyway, enough on that old rant. After a few days of spinning my wheels and trying to come up with plotty things, I’ve got a vague but workable plot in mind and, IMHO, a couple of really interesting characters. I’m sure the last thing anyone wants to read is my gushing about my new brainpets, so I’ll keep them to myself. For now.

Still doing a little research into Hungarian mythology, so if anyone can point me toward legends/info about the taltos, please do. I’ll give you a cookie. Or maybe even a sneak peek (once I write it).

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